San Jacinto County Historical Commission

Cemetery and Marker Report

Using the guidelines of the Texas Historical Commission, eleven SJC TX Historical Markers dating back to the 1960s have been refurbished with help from nine volunteers.  These are the first ever to have been refurbished here.  Our sincere “Thanks” to those who aided in this much needed activity

A long “lost” marker was located and with the help of Commissioner Mark Nettuno repaired and the brush around it cleared.  We appreciate his attention to this.  TXDOT replaced their road sign to indicate there are two markers in Point Blank, not just one.  Again, without volunteers, these could not have been accomplished.

Everyone can help preserve our county’s history and it does not require being a member of the commission.  Here are ways you, your family and friends can help:

•UPDATE cemeteries!  The only cemetery that is current is Evergreen. Those burials have been reported to “Find a Grave.” 

If you are a member of a church or cemetery association, send the information you have to us.  Organize a group to actually walk the cemetery and just snap each marker since 1996. Send these or transcribe the info and send that. Our records have not been kept up since the original survey was done.  If the cemetery is not accepting new burials, we would like that information as well.

We would appreciate any information on those buried in your cemetery as well as a current name and address of the person responsible for the care of the cemetery.

•Consider a THC marker for your cemetery and church if applicable. The Commission can guide you through the process and approve you application. There are misconceptions regarding these markers about how they may impact your property and that SJCHC will pay for them. ASK!

•Even shut-ins and young people can help with Obituaries. Clip newspapers, or collect funeral home obits and the actual programs from funerals you or your friends attend.  All we need is info on burials in our county.

Help Preserve San Jacinto County’s History!

Nan Kittel
June 19, 2018